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Boston Children's Museum Tech Kitchen Application


Thank you for your interest in Boston Children's Museum's Tech Kitchen. If you would like to get feedback on a new product, conduct some prototyping, or simply share your work with the Museum's visitors, please tell us more about your project by filling out the requested information below. 

The Tech Kitchen is a program that brings together families and local Innovators (technology companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, local universities, etc.). Innovators are invited, free of charge, to share their prototypes, newest products, or favorite technologies in The Tech Kitchen with some of the over 500,000 adults and children who visit the Museum each year. Museum visitors to the Tech Kitchen get the chance to meet local thought leaders, and gain access to technologies they likely have only heard of. And The Museum is thrilled to be the connector, providing a space where innovation and inspiration meet.

Please provide a 2-10 sentence description of your project. Be as descriptive as possible - we will use this information to publicize your project on our website calendar.
Projects can occur on one day, a contiguous series of days, or a repeating series of days (such as every Friday in June).
Do you prefer morning, mid-day, afternoon, or evening (on Friday nights)? Is this a 30-minute, one hour, two hour program, etc.? Or, is it an all day drop-in program?
Is your project exclusively for a certain age group? This information can help us find a time for you when visitors in your target age range is most likely to be visiting the Museum.
How long will it take each visitor to engage in your program or with your technology? As above in "Time of day", will your project work best as a drop-in program (where visitors come in and leave at any time), or as a workshop with a designated starting and ending time, where visitors are encouraged to remain for the entire workshop?
For the safety and privacy of our visitors, it is Boston Children's Museum policy that photos or video of visitors may not be taken without their express consent. We can provide photo release forms for visitors to sign on the day of your project, and help you plan for how to manage documentation when some families decline permission.