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Boston Children’s Museum
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Boston, MA 02210
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Wednesday - Sunday
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Natural History

Natural History Collection

The Natural History Collection is comprised of approximately 5000 botanical, entomological, geological, zoological and ornithological specimens. The strength of this collection is in ornithology with fine examples that represent the lifecycle of many North American birds including nests and eggs. The Museum has almost 200 preserved specimens including an American bald eagle. Other highlights include a giant clam shell, a narwhal tusk and Molly, a baby Asian elephant, who was considered by many visitors to the Jamaica Plain buildings to be the Museum’s mascot. Many items from the Natural History collection are on view in the Science Playground exhibit, including sea birds, butterflies, giant shells, and small mammals.



Butterflies (clockwise from top, left)

Hebomoia Glauciffe Butterfly

S 2006.1248


Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Donated by Miss Anne M. Rowe, 1943

ENT 506 c


Junonia Butterfly

Donated by Miss Peters, undated

ENT 79


Banded Purple Butterfly

Donated by Miss Anne M. Rowe, 1943

ENT 508


Pink-edged Sulfur butterfly

Gift of Mrs. Walter Boyce, 1945

ENT 671 b

America Black Duck, 20th century


America Black Duck, 20th century

S 2006.48




S 2006.1392 (large, polished surface)

S 2006.997 (5 small pieces, various shapes)




Donated by Mr. Everett C. Mayo, 1936

BP 117

Scarlet Ibis


Scarlet Ibis

F 54-7 a

Herring Gull


Herring Gull

Donated by Mrs. Leverett Saltonstall, 1946

W 341

Cardinal Nest, 1905


Cardinal Nest, 1905

Savannah, Georgia

Donated by the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 1944

ORN N 191 a

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