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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
2 time slots,
9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm



Calendar: Cultural Programs This Week

At Boston Children's Museum, our primary goal is that our visitors, both children and adults, have positive and joyful cultural discoveries that encourage them to learn, practice, and appreciate more cultural experiences. These discoveries encourage visitors to reflect upon their own identity, value diversity, and nurture a curiosity in people and human interaction.

Boston Children’s Museum introduces children and families to the diverse cultural life of Boston. Culture is everywhere, and it makes our world interesting. But what is culture?  At its broadest level, culture is learned and shared behavior of people interacting with one another.

Museum Educators partner with community groups to develop engaging, educational, respectful, and fun programs. Through programs, families share stories that illustrate these interactions. Visitors can also reflect on their own traditions and gain a greater awareness of themselves while learning about customs and practices of others. We therefore provide programs that cultivate and validate each visitor’s individual identity while at the same time encouraging empathy and perspective taking. This promotes understanding of cultural differences, and helps children develop skills to live cooperatively in a multicultural world.


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