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Boston Children’s Museum
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Boston Children’s Museum to Host Exclusive Boston Screening of “The Land”

May 24, 2016
Documentary Film Explores an Adventure Playground in Wales and Promotes the Importance of Play for Children in Boston and Beyond
Boston Children’s Museum announced that as part of its summer Power of Play Series it will feature three screenings of the short film “The Land” created by Vermont filmmaker Erin Davis. The Land (2015), is a documentary film that shares its name with an adventure playground in Wales, U.K., and explores the nature of play, risk and the possibilities of child-directed play. At The Land, with guidance from trained playworkers, children climb trees, build forts, light fires, and improvise in a play space rooted in the belief that kids thrive and develop essential skills when they are allowed to manage risks on their own.

Created by Wales resident Claire Griffiths, with funding from the Welsh government, The Land could be misconstrued as a junk yard, with old tires, pallets, furniture, ladders, crates, and ropes in abundance. As Griffiths told the U.K paper The Guardian, "I didn't have a ‘vision’ of it because that takes it away from the kids, but I wanted it to be in a constant state of change using stuff that's scrounged or donated and of no monetary value. Kids are attracted to the novel and new. In the past, they could disappear all day in search of it. They could find adventure, test their limits. We don't let kids do that anymore. I wanted to compensate for the lack of wild play and 'adult-free' experiences. I wanted something kids could make up and break up and rediscover every visit."

Cora Carey, School Age Learning Manager for Boston Children’s Museum said, “The film inspires parents to reconnect with the kind of play many of us remember from our youth: building forts from discarded boxes, exploring vacant lots with neighborhood kids, or climbing trees in backyards, and to consider how limited such play has become for children today.”

“With opportunities for play declining rapidly for children across the U.S., the Museum is deeply involved in the critical discussion about how play has changed, what has been lost, and how we can all support children’s play in everyday life” said Anna Housley Juster, Ph.D., Senior Director of Child Development at the Museum. “The film is a catalyst for a robust community conversation guided by experts in the fields of child development, museum education, and play. We will discuss the important distinction between risk and hazard in children’s play and how elements of what we see in the film can inform how parents, teachers, and museums can best support play for kids right here in Boston.”

The trailer for the movie can be viewed here: Admission to the film and panel discussion is free and is for adults only. Children may play in the Museum with a second adult during the daytime screenings for the regular Museum fee. Only adults will be admitted for the evening screening as the Museum will be closed to the public. To register:

Screening Times (at Boston Children’s Museum KidStage Theater)
June 11, 2016 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm
July 28, 2016 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm
August 20, 2016 from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

The Power of Play Series culminates with Boston Children’s Museum’s second annual Play Festival on Saturday, August 20 at the Museum where adults can view The Land, then step out of the screening right into a giant celebration of what children do best – PLAY!

The Play Festival celebrates play in the heart of Boston and allows a range of opportunities for children of all ages and their adults to take healthy physical and intellectual risks. Families can build giant forts with cardboard and swaths of colorful fabric and imagine and create in the Art Studio where visitors can learn improv comedy techniques and make up their own show using a giant TV made of cardboard. Kids and their adult caregivers can make their own wearable art out of up-cycled materials and visit the Pop-Up Recycle Shop (Open Daily August 11th – September 5th. Please check for hours). It’s always an adventure when mud is involved so at Play Fest 2016, the Museum will also be celebrating Mud Day! Kids and families can join the fun and rediscover the power of play.

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