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Boston Children’s Museum
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Boston, MA 02210
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Boston Children’s Museum Opens New Japanese Art Exhibit

March 28, 2017
Trains of Willpower and Kindness Carrying Hope to the Future
Boston Children’s Museum recently announced the opening of “Train Train”, an exhibition created by the student members of the Art Thinking project team at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Japan.

Art Thinking is a research based project of Minatsu Ariga and her team at Tohoku University of Art & Design in Japan. The project asks “How do we use art in our life?” and explores art as a way for children and adults to develop their imaginations, problem solving skills, creativity, and resiliency. Art Thinking chose to use the special power of art to connect with many friends after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in their hometown in March 2011.This is their fifth annual international friendship project bringing their art exhibition and hands-on activity programs to Boston.

“This is an exhibition of storytelling, imagination and friendship making a connection through art,” said Akemi Chayama, Japan Program Manager. “It is quite fitting for Boston Children’s Museum to host this art and friendship exhibition in the space next to the Japanese House which is another symbol of international friendship. We hope that this exhibition will create a space which encourages us to be curious to learn about the world and to build knowledge and skills to become impactful global citizens.”

The exhibit uses “trains” as storytellers and welcomes Museum visitors to reflect on their lives through exploring the stories. Where is your train going? What is your train story like? Is it romantic, dynamic, fun, gentle? Trains connect us and lead us to our tomorrow. Museum visitors are invited to share their own train stories.
v Museum visitors can explore trains as a symbol of determination and kindness. Trains are not quitters, and they keep moving forward every day whether in the rain, in the wind, against the summer heat, or against the winter snow. Trains often remind us of the importance of hard work, patience, and determination. Trains carry many things including people, and trains help them reach their destinations. Trains remind us of the importance of generosity and compassion for all humanity and the earth in which we live.

The installation is scheduled to run through September 10.

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