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Warm & Fuzzy Feels Opens at Boston Children’s Museum

July 24, 2020
Art Exhibition by Chanel Thervil
Boston Children’s Museum has recently opened the Warm & Fuzzy Feels art installation by Chanel Thervil. This exhibition explores the tenderness, care, joy, and love that is generated by friendship between women from different cultural backgrounds.

While differences make us special, there are some communities where it is uncommon to befriend people from different cultures. Warm & Fuzzy Feels combines portraits of friends, textiles, and shapes. The combination of those materials mirrors the beauty that is created when differences are accepted and celebrated.

Chanel Thervil is a Haitian American artist and educator who lives in Roxbury, MA. She describes herself as being obsessed with all things art, community, and history. Chanel’s art includes large-scale installations, public art, and mixed media portraits. Her work grapples with the intersections of community and individual identity. She represents this visually by creating a controlled chaos using the playful juxtaposition of textures and colors, and both abstract and representational forms. The collection and use of a wide range of materials for her work complements the tension and harmony that comes from the desire to have a voice as an individual, while also seeking context in a common narrative. Chanel’s training as an educator influences her practice and is most visible in the warm, interactive, and place-making components that engage viewers to inquire and reflect on their own experiences to find personal meaning within her artwork.

“Chanel’s work explores human connection within the complexities of cultural identity in an extraordinarily simple, honest, and inviting way,” said Faith Johnson, Arts Program Manager. “Her approach is perfect for our museum goers, young and old alike. Her larger-than-life portraits, made mostly of wood and paint, are beautiful, tactile, colorful, and delightful to experience.” Please find additional information about Chanel at

The Gallery installation, Warm & Fuzzy Feels, will be open through January 15, 2021.
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