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Boston Children’s Museum
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Chemistry Festival!

Please note that our calendar is subject to change without notice. Check back for future events. Print Page
Saturday, August 18, 2018 - 11:00am to 2:00pm
6 and up, All Ages
Outisde under the tent

Join professional chemists sharing their love of chemistry and chemical engineering through hands-on, engaging activities outside under the tent.Child wearing goggles

This event is brought in partnership with American Chemical Society. ACS community partners such as Science Storytellers from C&EN, Museum of Science, Cambridge Science Festival, MIT Museum, and Beyond Benign will also host engaging hands-on programming. Attendees of the event will receive a goodie bag with the children’s publication Celebrating Chemistry and other giveaways.

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Examples of Activities;

Elements in Outer Space: Use and keep a toy that reveals distinctive color patterns in different types of light bulbs. Scientists use similar distinctive patterns to find out which elements make up far-away planets and stars.

Magic Nuudles: Build what you like using biodegradable pellets made of cornstarch. Long molecules, called polymers, keep structures together so that children can take them home.

Producing Oxygen Gas: Feel a chemical reaction as it progresses by combining and sealing two safe substances in a small clear plastic bag. Children feel a change in temperature and see bubbles as the bag inflates.

UV-Detecting Beads: Make a wristband that detects UV light before it can damage your eyes or skin. A change from white to a bright color lets children know when they need to protect themselves from invisible ultraviolet light that comes from the sun.

Colorful Lather Printing: Create colorful swirls in shaving cream. The water-attracting nature of paper allows children to transfer and keep their beautiful designs.

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