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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
2 time slots,
9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Reopening FAQs

Safety & Cleaning

How can I prepare my child in advance for the health and safety measures in the Museum?
We recommend that you read this story with your children to learn what to expect during the Museum visit. This social story is for helping young children learn about healthy and safe play while at the reopened Museum.

How do you maintain social distancing with kids?
In accordance with state and city guidelines, Boston Children's Museum will re-open at reduced capacity to allow for proper social distancing. Safe distancing will also be facilitated by visits limited to two -3-hour visit time slots each day.

To manage visitor capacity, admission is by advanced registration and ticketing only. All exhibits will have recommended capacity limits based on CDC guidelines and on the specific size and layout of each space. The capacity of each exhibit will be posted and visible to our visitors. We ask that families respect the space of other families while being understanding that social distancing is hard for children. Museum staff will have an increased presence to assist with social distancing concerns or questions. There will be signage throughout the Museum to inform visitors of ways to travel through the exhibits, guide their trips to restrooms and other Museum services and encourage social distancing everywhere.

There will be hand sanitizer throughout the Museum. We also recommend bringing your own to supplement. Visitors are encouraged to clean hands often.

Will everyone including children have to wear masks?
Museum staff and all visitors age 2 and over will be required to wear masks that cover their mouths and noses. Guests who have medical issues which may prohibit them from wearing a mask should call the Museum prior to purchasing tickets. Guests with accessibility needs (OR disabilities) may fall into this category as well. The Museum will work with these guests to provide a reasonable accommodation.

Since masks are required, will there be posted guidelines?
As determined by the CDC and state mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is within everyone's best interest to wear a mask at all times while in public. The Museum will make clear to all visitors that masks are required.

Boston Children's Museum code of conduct and guidelines regarding mask wearing will be posted in many places. First, our Code of Conduct, which includes face masks, will be prominent online when visitors purchase their tickets. It will also be posted at admissions and throughout the Museum. Visitors who are not able to wear masks due to a medical condition should call the Museum before they purchase tickets.

Are you taking temperatures?
At this time, Boston Children's Museum will not be taking the temperature of visitors.

Is your staff having temperatures taken?
All Boston Children's Museum staff will complete a daily health check prior to entering the Museum.

Are you improving the air quality in the building?
Given we are a children's museum, we have always brought in more fresh air than is typical for a commercial building. We are maximizing this factor each day. In addition, the Museum has upgraded their HVAC filters to help catch as many small particles as is practical.

What physical changes are you making to the building to enhance safety, such as reorienting the entrances and exits, putting up glass barriers, etc.?
The admissions and entry process has been streamlined to reduce contact and time entering the building. There will be a dedicated entrance and time to enter the building. Floor graphics will promote physical distancing while in line, and plexi-glass barriers installed at Admission and information counters will protect staff and visitors.

How are things cleaned and how often?
The Museum is maintaining cleaning capacity at a high level. The cleaning procedures that we follow are in accordance with guidelines from the CDC. Loose parts in the exhibits will be sanitized after each time slot. Frequently touched surfaces will be wiped multiple times throughout the day.

How has the cleaning changed?
We have increased cleaning frequencies throughout the Museum. The time between visitation time slots allows us to clean thoroughly during this time. We have added sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer stations within the Museum and exhibits.

Cleaning will happen frequently-before, during, in-between, and after visitors enjoy the exhibits. High touch areas will get extra attention. Exhibit parts will be sanitized as needed and between scheduled visitor sessions.

The Museum will conduct a deep cleaning between the two (2) ticketed time slots. During this time Museum facilities, janitorial staff members and front-line staff will work together to get the Museum ready. High traffic exhibits and public spaces will receive an electrostatic cleaning.

Consistent with existing practices, the Museum will conduct a similar deep cleaning at the end of each day. The Museum will continue to source and use cleaning and disinfecting products that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and are EPA-approved.

Are the bathrooms open and how often are they cleaned?
Bathrooms are open but limited to two individuals or one visitor group (no more than four people in a group) at once to respect social distancing requirements. Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Ticketing & Admissions

What days and times will the Museum be open?
During the month of June, the Museum will be open Wednesday - Sundayy in two time slots
9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm

Can I purchase tickets onsite?
No. Advance online or phone reservations are required.

Will you accept cash?
If you wish to pay in cash, please call 617-426-6500 and choose option 4 to make a phone reservation.

Will you have timed ticketing? How does it work?
During the month of May, the Museum will be open in two slots, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-4:30pm Saturday and Sunday. Your ticket will be valid for one time slot. The entirety of your visit will take place during the time slot.

How much time does my timed ticket allow?
Three hours.

Is proof of my timed ticket required?
Yes. If you purchase tickets online, please bring your ticket PDFs. The PDF does not need to be printed, showing it digitally is fine.

What if I arrive late for my timed ticket?
Your ticket is valid for the entire slot. You may arrive at any point during it, but your entire visit must take place during the scheduled time slot. Tickets are only valid for the date and time selected at time of purchase.

What if I buy timed tickets and can’t come on that day/time?
If you need to reschedule a reservation due to health concerns, please contact for a possible opportunity to move your reservation to a future date. Please note future time slot is not guaranteed.

Will there be time staggering entrances?
Your ticket is good for the entire time slot. You may arrive at any time during the three hour time slot. We find that the average visit is about one hour thirty minutes to two hours. You do not need to arrive at the very beginning of the time slot, but your entire visit must take place within the three hour slot.

Can I leave the Museum and reenter on the same day?
You may leave and re-enter the Museum during your timeslot.

What if I feel uncomfortable after entering the Museum?
If you feel uncomfortable after entering, please ask to speak with a manager or contact us after your visit at We value your feedback and will work with you to find a solution.

What if I have tickets that I bought that have not expired/expired (during pandemic)?
If you have previously purchased tickets, please e-mail

Are you accepting any discounts? (EBT/WIC, Educators, Library, Military/Veterans, etc.)
Some of our discount programs are still active. Please visit for our current discount programs.

Will the Museum be open for TJX $1 Friday Nights?
At this time, the Museum will not be open for TJX $1 Friday Nights. We are committed to bringing this event back in the future.

Can I bring in my own food?
Yes, you can bring in your own food. You may eat in our lunchroom on the first floor. Food is not allowed in the Museum exhibit and common areas. Masks are not required while seated in the lunchroom and eating.

Will there be water available from the fountain?
Due to state regulated health mandates, refilling water bottles will not be available. There will be water for purchase in vending machines in the Lunchroom and Stonewall Kitchen in the Museum building.

Will the cafeteria be open?
Yes, the lunchroom will be open.

Will I have access to vending machines?
Yes, the vending machines will be available.

My company is a Corporate Connections member. How do I redeem my passes? Is there a special online code for timed ticketing?
Please make a discount ticket reservation

When you arrive at the Museum, please proceed to the Admissions Desk. You will be required to present your online reservation and Corporate Connections passes for entry.

Are there any special times dedicated to those with sensory issues?
Museum capacity is limited. If you need a quiet space, please ask a staff member for assistance. Future Morningstar schedule will be announced.

Exhibits & Programs

What exhibits are open/closed?
All exhibits will be open, though some will have small modifications or changes. Please note that PlaySpace will require a separate, free reservation in addition to your admission reservation.

Bubbles and Peep’s World will be open, but there will not be smocks available. Bring an extra set of clothing from home if necessary.


Will my membership be extended?
Family Membership expiration dates have been extended to compensate for the time the Museum was closed. All Family Memberships that were current when Boston Children’s Museum closed in March 2020 were extended when the Museum reopened in July.  All Family Memberships that were current when the Museum closed in December will be extended when the Museum reopens in May.  Members who joined or rejoined between January and April 2021 will also be extended. Updated electronic membership cards will be e-mailed to primary members after an exact reopening date is announced. If you have opted out of e-mail from the Museum, you will not receive a revised electronic card.  To opt back into e-mail send a request to

Do I have to make a reservation?
For your safety, so that the number of people in the building can be limited, all visitors, including Family Members need to make a reservation in advance. There is no charge for Family Members to make a reservation. To make a reservation visit this page

Am I limited in how many times we can visit?
Family Members are not limited in the number of times they can visit. You may book one reservation per day. You cannot make reservations for multiple days on one day. For safety reasons, the number of people allowed in the building will be limited.

Private Events & Groups

Can I reserve a special event?
Can I reserve a special event?
Yes. With more than 88,575 square feet of usable event space, including seasonal outdoor space, Boston Children’s Museum is well suited to hosts events under the guidelines and recommendations of the local public health department.

Our special event partner, MAX Ultimate Food, will work with you in designing your event in this new environment. The safety and well-being of you and your guests is our top priority. For additional information, please email or telephone 857-212-9580.

Can I make a group reservation?
As the Museum transitions and adjusts to a new normal and schools, camps, and community organizations do the same, group reservations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail

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